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The Laugh is on Me

A friend was back in hospital this week having some treatment when his recent total knee replacement was giving him trouble. He is out of hospital now and his knee is giving him much less trouble - thankfully.

He sends me a text to say that in the next bed is a drummer who was in a blues band. Always seeking new and diverse bands and entertainers I tell him to make himself useful! "Tell him about me and my music agency and ask him if he is interested in getting the band listed on my web site."

Turns out he is 85 and the only member of the band still alive!!!!!

This story also reminds me of two other musical incidents in my life:

  • Returning from golf a friend and I decide to go to a local pub for something to eat. We order some food and a couple of pints and sit on some wooden benches. I've always got some music running through my head and been a "tapper" all my life so I am beating out the rhythm on the underside of the bench. My friend asks me what I am doing so I explain, "What's the song?". So I tell him "I know that one" and then starts to play an imaginary trombone much to the amusement of the regulars. A new regular arrives "evening Bert, evening Harry". "You're a bit late" they reply "you've missed the bloody band".

  • The same friend and I used to go regularly to a jazz club at Mount Pleasant, Bradford on Avon. Again going to, or returning from golf, I have a blues tape playing on the car radio (that dates the story). "Do you like the blues Jim", I ask. "No, it all sounds the same - Woke up this morning." So I turn the radio off. Some weeks later I am listening to a program on the radio about a web site where you could view the epitaphs of famous celebrities. Sadly, I cannot remember the name of the blues musician but his epitaph was "Didn't wake up this morning". The coincidence was amazing.

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Have a great weekend


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