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How good was your Sunday roast?

Sunday Roast at Erlestoke
Erlestoke Golf Club Sunday Roast

I have to admit that I loaded my plate so the presentation is not that great. However, this has to be the best Sunday roast I have had for a very long time. So good I just had to tell you all about it.

They say that we eat with our eyes first and we all judge food in different ways - for me it's the roast potatoes. They need to be golden, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Obviously the meat has to be nicely cooked - I had chicken and it was beautifully cooked and moist, friends had beef which was also top quality. The vegetables need to be not over-cooked for me, All these criteria were met by the roast dinner we had at Erlestoke Golf Club. It was outstanding and with excellent waitress service. I thoroughly recommend it to you.

Last Sunday we met family and tried a new (to us) pub. The pub had a good write up and it was extremely busy when we got there. The large car park was full up. There were four of us and we needed to meet at a pub that was equidistant for us to drive - about an hour for each couple. The service was excellent and the vegetables nicely cooked.

Unfortunately. it all went down hill from there. The roast potatoes were small and black but, strangely, not burnt. The new potatoes were hard and needed more time in the pan. The lamb - my favourite meat - was very thinly sliced without fat. I imagine that it was previously cooked, sliced on a bacon slicer and then re-heated on the day. It could have been any red meat since there was no taste. In all it was the opposite of the Sunday roast that we had previously enjoyed and not very much cheaper. Clearly there were plenty of people there that may not agree with my appraisal and I am sure that the pub has a following of satisfied customers, sadly it was not for me.

By the way, it is a golden rule of mine that I only mention names when I post positive reports on any form of social media so I will not say the name and location of the pub but we will not be going there again.


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