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Delivering entertainment and expertise

I have been booking entertainment and arranging social events for the last 15 years. Over this period it became obvious to me that many clubs and pubs were not realizing the financial potential of their catering and premises.

The basic problem is often a lack of time, knowledge, expertise or, indeed, the right person with the drive to put the evenings together.

This is where I can help. I can work with your caterer, small committee or manager to arrange social evenings with entertainment. I will book the bands, tribute acts, discos, themed dinners and take the risk (with the proviso that I reserve the right to cancel an event if the ticket uptake is not good enough).

I will provide PDFs for you to print posters which you can advertise and promote locally. I will advertise the events using social media and the web.

Please telephone or email if you wish to discuss my ideas in detail.

Telephone 07500 223113


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