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That's a Nice Change

Holcombe village held a barn dance last night and it was nice to go to something that somebody else had organised. There is something special about barn dances that gets non-dancers on their feet and it must be because nobody knows what they are doing anyway. The more that goes wrong the more fun it is - and go wrong it did particularly with Strip the Willow - I haven't done that for years.

We are particularly well blessed at Holcombe with various events in the village including the monthly Big Breakfast (2nd Saturday in the month) in our historic village hall built by the miners as a recreation centre in the 1930s. Many people are unaware that north Somerset had a large coal field which only ceased activity with the last coal mines closing in September 1973 and bringing to an end an industry that stretched back to Roman times.

The Barn Dance was actually a bit of a coincidence because I had just booked a Ceilidh band (Antler Ceilidh Band) for Burns Night at Enmore Park Golf Club and in doing so learned that it is one of the most popular nights for Ceilidh bands rather than more difficult to source pipers. So last Saturday was more of a refresher on the dancing front. Date: Saturday, 25 January 2025

In a similar vein I have booked The Mangledwurzels for a BBQ at Erlestoke Golf Club. I have booked these previously for similar events at Mendip Golf Club in years gone by and they are always immensely good fun. Date: Saturday, 29 June 2024

For more details of these two events and others we are organising click on the button or visit where you can Look and Listen and buy tickets on line at no additional cost.

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